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Island Heads (Thematic Checkers)

Island Heads - Thematic Checkers

About Project

After Medabots: Robattle 3D, Faust Logic sketched out several other game designs targeting the WT WebDriver engine. These were all simple games to be completed by a small team of 2 or 3 over a couple of months.

One of these game designs that WildTangent published was Island Heads, a thematic variation of checkers featuring Easter Island moai heads as game pieces.

Island Heads was inspired by the simple idea that moai statues resemble chess pieces when placed on a checkered game board. One of the primary design goals was to keep the game simple and give it a strong atmosphere that would transport the player to another place, like taking a tiny vacation.

For the most part, Island Heads is played according to Standard U.S. Checkers rules, but it does include on special move in which a piece can be sacrificed to the volcano to destroy a random piece of the opponent.

Island Heads was never available as a game that could be purchased on its own. Instead, WildTangent offered it as a low cost purchase add-on when users bought their other games. This strategy worked pretty well and we made a good number of sales piggy-backed like this on other games.

Faust Logic Team:

Joan Staveley — Art Direction, Modeling

Jeff Faust — Game Design, Programming