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Arcane FX for Torque

Arcane FX for Torque Game Engines

About Project

Arcane FX was a long running and popular special effects add-on for Torque game engines, created by Faust Logic and published by Garage Games.

Arcane FX (or simply AFX) first appeared for the original Torque Game Engine (TGE), which it extended with deep engine modifications and a rich set of thematic magic spell effects and other custom VFX.

For nearly a decade, AFX supported the Torque brand through a series different commercial engines including: Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA) and Torque 3D (T3D).

Today, Torque 3D and AFX are both Open Source at GitHub.

Faust Logic Team:

Matthew Durante — VFX Design, Modeling, Animation

Jeff Faust — Software Architecture, Engine Customization, VFX Design